Experience, Period.

Comments From People I’ve Worked With

“I have known and worked with Bill since 1983. He is a man of integrity and an outstanding communicator who has been key in developing internal and external documentation, letters, e-mails, etc. I highly recommend Bill.”

Kevin Distelhorst, VP, Client and Data Services, DMI, CDK Global (Columbus)

“Bill has been a reliable, conscientious, knowledgeable resource for our entire Internet strategy for these past 10 years. He’s done a great job as our Web master and marketing master.”

Eric Herzog, President, Quest Consulting & Training (Los Angeles)

“Over the dozen or so years that Bill and I participated in my annual conferences, he never failed to provide fresh perspectives. Some people speak on the importance of effective and consistent communication with clients and potential clients, but most of us fail to execute. Bill actually does it. That impresses me to no end.”

Rick Altman, Principal, Rick Altman & Associates (Pleasanton, California)

“I worked with Bill on a relatively complex project. He developed an inexpensive solution utilizing an outside service. Favorable cost, quick turnaround and happy customers were the result. Moreover, Bill met numerous short notice deadlines which included weekend and holiday work.”

Ron Bellow, Manager, Decision Analytics, GM Customer Care and Aftersales (Detroit)

“Bill continually looks to expand his knowledge and to find the best possible solutions for both internal processes and for client needs. Bill has excellent communication skills.”

Dave Lukens, Manager, Operations Service Delivery and Change Manager, OCLC, Inc. (Columbus)

“For 11 years I have used Bill Blinn for all of my website development. His knowledge is encyclopedic and when something new comes up there is only a short pause while he digests it. Bill brings both the broad view and attention to the minutia to a project.”

Jim Vormelker, Owner, Wedding Hearts by Jim (Vista, California)

“What makes Bill helpful is he listens, asks appropriate questions, and communicates in a way that brings clarity to what you want to accomplish.”

Raymond Lavine, Lavine LTC Insurance (Gig Harbor, Washington)

“Bill has worked for Pediatric Services for the past 18 years. He is honest, trustworthy, and easy to get along with. Flexible and understanding, he is a pleasure to work with, both from a personal aspect as well as professional quality and conscientiousness of work.”

Julie Loe, MA, Executive Director, Pediatric Services (San Luis Obispo)

“I’ve known Bill since roughly 1991 and I appreciate his profound understanding of all matters related to computers, software, and their use in communication. Bill is my number-one go-to guy when I have a question I can’t solve myself.”

Geoff Hart, Editor, Geoff-Hart.com (Montreal)

“Since 1987, he has edited and designed some of our books that are used in college logistics courses and has provided useful advice on our monthly newsletter.”

Kenneth B. Ackerman, Principal, The K. B. Ackerman Company (Columbus)

“Bill guided me until I was able to visualize what I wanted, and he worked with great care to implement that vision.”

Miriam Bloom, PhD, ELS(D), SciWrite Biomedical Writing & Editing (Salt Lake City)

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